Does minimum interparticle have attraction?

liquid and gas has minimum interparticle force of attraction. bcoz solids are tightly packed , liquid is loosely packed and gas can move freely from one place to another .

Which has minimum interparticle attraction?

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The particles of gases are away from each other. So, gas has minimum inter particle force of attraction. Solids have maximum force of attraction.

Does maximum interparticle have attraction?

As far as the maximum intermolecular force of attraction is concerned, it’s found in solids.

Which has maximum interparticle force of attraction?

Interparticle forces of attraction are maximum in solids and minimum in gases. Due to this, solids have a definite shape and volume. Ice is the solid form of water and water vapour is the gaseous form of water. Therefore, ice has the maximum interparticle forces of attraction.

What is interparticle force attraction?

Interparticle forces:

The forces between ions and molecules are a tradeoff between the forces of attraction, which tend to hold the liquid or solid together, and the kinetic energy of the particles, which tends to drive them apart.

What is the weakest attraction?

The weakest intermolecular force is the London force of dispersion. The London dispersion force is a temporary attractive force which results when the electrons occupy positions that make the atoms form temporary dipoles in two adjacent atoms.

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Are intermolecular forces attractive?

Intermolecular forces are the forces of attraction or repulsion which act between neighboring particles (atoms, molecules, or ions ). These forces are weak compared to the intramolecular forces, such as the covalent or ionic bonds between atoms in a molecule.

What is the highest level of attraction?

Sexual Attraction

Hello! Duh. “Sexual attraction is the most powerful component of your relationship and, by far, the most important level of attraction to achieve. A sexually close couple can overcome the hardest of obstacles in their relationship.” While crucial, it’s not everything.

Which has force of attraction?

Force of attraction is a force that pulls the body near due to its attraction. There are numerous attractive forces prevailing in nature. Some of them are magnetic force, electric force, electrostatic force and gravitational force.

Is attraction a pulling force?

Gravity – The force of attraction (pull) between any two objects. Gravity – The force of attraction (pull) between any two objects. All matter has gravity! … An object’s weight depends upon the force of gravity present at a given location, but its mass does not.

What is meant by intramolecular?

Definition of intramolecular

: existing or acting within the molecule also : formed by reaction between different parts of the same molecule.

What is the meaning of interparticle?

Definition of interparticle

: occurring between or involving two or more particles interparticle forces As the soil takes on water during rainstorm (or snowmelt), the interparticle spaces often fill up faster than the water can be drained from the soil.— William A. Marsh.

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