How can I apply for exit visa online?

How can I get exit visa online?

How to issue Exit Re-Entry / Final VISA

  1. Issue Exit Re-Entry VISA. – Click on “Log in” and follow the log in procedures (if you are not registered, please click on “New User” to create an account” …
  2. Cancel Exit Re-Entry VISA. – Click on “Log in” and follow the log in procedures. …
  3. Issue Final VISA. …
  4. Cancel Final VISA.

How do I apply for a final exit visa?

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a final exit visa:

  1. Go to the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).
  2. Log into your MOI account (or register if you don’t have one yet).
  3. At the MOI website, select “eServices.”
  4. Click on “Passports” and then “Dependent Services.”

How can I get exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

How to Get an Exit/Re-Entry Visa in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Go to and login from the Absher website.
  2. Register for an Absher account with a username and password, if you do not already have an account.
  3. Click on “Passports” on the left of the menu, under the “Appointments” section.
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How do I apply for Absher exit visa?

Issue Exit Re-Entry Visas through Absher

  1. Access your Absher account by logging in.
  2. Select “Services” from the “My Services” menu.
  3. Choose “Passports“
  4. Select “Visa Requests“
  5. Now, click “Create Visa Request.”
  6. Select the Request Type “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Single)“

How do I pay my exit reentry visa online?

How to Pay the Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee through Mobile/Online Banking

  1. Login to the AlRajhi online banking.
  2. Select the “Payments“.
  3. Choose “Government Payments“.
  4. Select “Expatriate Services”
  5. Select “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Single)” or “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Multiple)”
  6. Select transaction type as “Payment“

How long does it take to get an exit visa in Saudi?

The employer will have a period of 10 days to approve or reject the request. If the employer approves the visa, the employee will have 5 days to issue the final exit visa. If the employer rejects the visa, the MOL will review the objection and make the decision on it within 10 days from the initial request.

How can I get final exit visa from India?

Applicants are required to fill online application form at and carry a printout of the filled in application form. Copy of Final Exit or Letter from sponsor undertaking to get exit visa issued (not required for those on visit visa).

How can I get final exit visa with expired Iqama?

Final Exit with an expired Iqama

  1. The sponsor will log in to his Ministry of Labor account.
  2. Select “issue work permit for the final exit”.
  3. Choose the “employee“.
  4. then select the option of “release”.
  5. The sponsor will pay the Maktab Amal Fee.
  6. The work permit will be issued for 180 days.
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How much is exit reentry visa in Saudi Arabia?

Charges of services provided by passports departments

Service Fees
Issue single exit-re-entry visa 200 S.R.
Transit visa through Saudi territories 300 S.R.
One-time entry visa 2000 S.R.
Multiple entry visa 3000 S.R.

How much does final exit cost?

«Muqeem» Comprehensive:

​The Service Points Fees (SAR)
Cancel exit re-entry visa 175 35
Issue final exit visa 250 50
Cancel final exit visa 175 35
Transfer resident service 250 50

How do I issue an exit reentry visa for family?

In order to issue an exit re-entry visa for your dependents, you have to deposit the exit re-entry visa fee on their Iqama number through ATM or internet banking. The fee for the Exit Re-Entry Visa is SR 200 for the first two months and SR 100 for each additional month.