How can I be a travel officer?

How do I become a traveling officer?

The minimum requirements for a job as a travel agent are having a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Experience: This industry requires experience. Customers prefer to take advice from an experienced travel agent. Besides this, experienced professionals also have a higher chance of converting queries into sales.

How do I start a career in the travel industry?

You can pursue your 11th and 12th in travel and tourism. You can also take up a course after 12th, or graduation if you feel like you need to take that path. There are numerous travel and tourism short courses as well as long courses. A short course makes you industry ready for a specific sector in a short time.

What is the salary of tourism officer?

₹18,55,295 (INR)/yr.

Which job is best for Travelling?

In summary, here are 25 of the best travel jobs to make money while traveling the world:

  • Au pair.
  • Foreign service travel jobs.
  • Peace Corps / NGO work.
  • Hostel worker.
  • Bartender.
  • WWOOFer.
  • Yoga instructor.
  • Surfing instructor.

Can Travelling be a job?

Whether you’re just starting out, or considering a career shift, it’s never too late to find a job you can trip on. An obvious pick for keen travellers, it’s a glamorous, exciting and well paying profession. Although training is expensive, the investments are easily recovered when one begins working.

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How can I join tourism?

Diploma Courses after Class 12 (10+2)

  1. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management.
  2. Diploma in Hospitality Management.
  3. Diploma in Tourism Studies.
  4. Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management.
  5. Diploma in Tourist Guide.
  6. Diploma in Tourism and Ticketing.
  7. Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing.

What are 5 careers in tourism?

Here are the top 10 careers in Tourism & Hospitality.

  • 1) Travel Agent. Travel Agents research, plan, and book trips for individuals and groups. …
  • 2) Hotel Manager. …
  • 3) Spa Manager. …
  • 4) Tour Operator. …
  • 5) Event & Conference Organiser. …
  • 6) Tour Guide. …
  • 7) Executive Chef. …
  • 8) Sommelier.

How can I join travel and tourism?

Eligibility for Travel and Tourism Courses

  1. In order to apply for diploma and graduate-level tourism courses, you must have completed 10+2 (any stream) from a recognised board of education.
  2. Admissions to the diploma are done on the basis of merit in class 12 board exam or on the basis of state-level entrance exams.

How can I become a tourism officer in India?

two years of service in the grade of Assistant Director/ Manager. years experience will be considered. duration of at least 2 weeks from ISTM or any other approved Institution will be considered. Tourist Information Officer.

What does a tourist Information Officer do?

Tourist Information Officers provide travel and accommodation information to tourists. They may work in call centres. Also known as: Tourist Adviser. You can work as a Tourist Information Officer without formal qualifications, however, a course in tourism or another related field may be useful.

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What is ITDC name its various brands?

As on 31 March 2018 the Corporation has five subsidiary companies viz. Donyi Polo Ashok Hotel Corporation Ltd; Pondicherry Ashok Hotel Corporation Ltd; Ranchi Ashok Bihar Hotel Corporation Ltd.; Utkal Ashok Hotel Corporation Ltd. and Punjab Ashok Hotel Company Ltd.

Do travel agents travel?

In truth, most of the time, travel agents don’t get free travel although they sometimes get discounts or a chance to keep the commission they would get on their own travel plans. … Convention properties give them a cheaper trip to let them learn about their property on a working vacation.

What to study to become a Traveller?

Courses to study to get jobs that involve travel

  1. 1 Merchant Navy (Maritime courses / training) …
  2. 2 Commercial Pilot Training. …
  3. 3 Air Hostess / Flight Attendant courses. …
  4. 4 Photography Courses. …
  5. 5 Culinary Arts. …
  6. 6 Hospitality and Travel Management courses. …
  7. 7 Other management courses. …
  8. 8 Language courses.

In which job salary is highest in India?

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Job Profile Average Base Salary/ year (In INR) Fresher Salary/year
Data Engineer ₹839,625 ₹464,722
Software Architect ₹2,199,698 ₹977,473
Cloud Architect ₹1,796,392 ₹409,634
Blockchain Engineer ₹808,000 ₹6,26,185