Is a guided tour of Pompeii worth it?

A great experience with lots to see. Ancient Pompei is a great trip and is much larger and more to explore than we realized. I would suggest having a guide or the audio guide. It is a marvel worth seeing.

Do you need a tour guide in Pompeii?

Short answer: no, you don’t.

You can easily explore Pompeii on your own with the maps provided at the ticket office and with your phone. And there are plenty of signs around the site that tell you about the city. Plus, when you see a group following a tour guide, you realise you really don’t want to be part of that.

Is a trip to Pompeii worth it?

Even if you aren’t a history buff, Ancient Pompeii is worth the visit. It is just incredible and amazing. A person can easily spend half a day here just roaming through the ancient streets. There is a cafeteria near the forum, so you can take a break if it’s needed.

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Can you do a self guided tour of Pompeii?

That’s entirely up to you! With a pre-booked Pompeii guided tour, most tours spend 3-4 hours visiting selective sites within Pompeii. With a Pompeii self guided tour, you determine how much time you plan to spend or have to spend at Pompeii, and then plan your visit accordingly.

How much is a tour guide in Pompeii?

Re: Guides for Pompeii (prices)? Frankly, 130 euros for 2.5 hours is a fair price for a private tour. It may be more than you want to pay, but it’s certainly not exorbitant given the amount of training and education required to compete for a guide license.

Is there a lot of walking in Pompeii?

Comfortable shoes with thick soles highly recommended (wedges not included, ladies) as you will do a lot of walking on cobble stones. Great collection of artifacts and ruins and it will give goose bumps seeing some of the original walls and writings on them. Easy to get to from Rome, we did a day trip here.

How long should I spend in Pompeii?

The ruins of Pompeii cover 44 square hectares, and it would take at least two full days to tour the entire park. Realistically, you can see most of the highlights in 4 hours and longer visits can be very tiring, especially on a hot day.

Where should I stay if I want to visit Pompeii?

The best place to stay when you’re visiting Pompeii as part of a holiday is Sorrento. Sorrento is a beautiful town in its own right, with plenty to do and a wide variety of hotels. The railway station has frequent trains to Naples which call at both Pompei Scavi and Ercolano (for Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius).

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Are Pompeii bodies real?

The truth is, though, that they are not actually bodies at all. They are the product of a clever bit of archaeological ingenuity, going back to the 1860s.

What do I need to know before going to Pompeii?

10 Do’s & Don’t’s When Visiting Pompeii

  • Don’t go in blindly. …
  • Do be prepared to go with the flow. …
  • Do visit Mount Vesuvius. …
  • Don’t forget about Herculaneum. …
  • Do take in the art, as well as the architecture. …
  • Don’t forget, it’s still an active archeological site. …
  • Do think practically. …
  • Do choose the best entrance.

How much does it cost to go to Pompeii ruins?

Pompeii ruins entrance fees: € 11,00 (full price); € 5,50 (reduced price 18-25 years of age); Free entrance for less than 18 years of age. Herculaneum € 11.00 / h. 8.30 – 18.00.

Can you walk the streets of Pompeii?

Visiting Pompeii today is like stepping back in time, to a Roman city 2000 years ago, where you can walk the streets and explore the temples and theatres. A visit to Pompeii will be a highlight of your time in this part of Italy.

How much does it cost to visit the ruins of Pompeii?

Expect to spend 15 Euro to enter the Pompeii Ruins. To get the most out of your visit, prepare to spend about 4-5 hours exploring the ruins and rent an audio guide. If you hire a guide, confirm the language of the tour and specify the duration and cost of the tour beforehand.

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How much is a taxi from Naples train station to Pompeii?

The fastest way to get from Naples to Pompei is to taxi. Taking this option will cost €26 – €32 and takes 19 min.

What’s the weather like in Pompeii?

The annual climate in Pompeii is generally subtropical, with its sweltering hot and dry summers and mildly cool wet winters bearing the mark of a natural Mediterranean climate.

Where are the bodies in Pompeii?

The majority of all the findings (and bodies) have been sent to the museum in Naples.