Question: What is the role of undersecretary for tourism promotion?

(a) The Undersecretary for Tourism Development shall be responsible for the Office of Product Development, the Office of Tourism Development Planning, Research and Information Management and the Office of Industry Manpower Development.

Who is the undersecretary for tourism development planning?

Assistant Secretary for International Tourism Promotions Benito “Bong” C. Bengzon, Jr. has been sworn in as the new undersecretary for tourism development of the Department of Tourism, replacing former Undersecretary Daniel G. Corpuz who recently retired.

How many Undersecretary Does the Department of Tourism have?

Organization structure. The department is headed by the Secretary of Tourism (Philippines), with the following four undersecretaries and assistant secretaries.

What are the roles of the Department of Tourism?

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is mandated to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and local employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to a wider segment of the population with the support, assistance, and cooperation of both the private and …

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What is the primary role of the Department of Tourism under RA 9593?

— The Department of Tourism, hereinafter referred to as the Department, shall be the primary planning, programming, coordinating, implementing and regulatory government agency in the development and promotion of the tourism industry, both domestic and international, in coordination with attached agencies and other …

What is Undersecretary for administration and special concerns?

Undersecretaries. … (5) The Undersecretary assigned to Special Concerns shall develop and implement agricultural policies and priority projects aimed at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged and cultural community groups living in lowland and upland areas.

What is the meaning of Tieza?

The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), a government corporation, was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 9593 or the Tourism Act of 2009 on May 12, 2009, replacing the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA).

What is DILG in the Philippines?

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is the executive department responsible for promoting peace and order, ensuring public safety, and strengthening the capability of local government units to effectively deliver basic services to the citizenry.

What is the meaning of HRAP in tourism?


What do you think are the duties and responsibilities of Bernadette Romulo Puyat as secretary of the Department of Tourism?

In May 2018, she was appointed Secretary of the Department of Tourism. Her focus is on sustainable tourism, increasing investments in the sector, enhancing programs for tourism infrastructure, as well as product and market development.

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How does the government promote tourism?

Promotional activities in tourist generating markets overseas through the India Tourism Offices abroad with active participation in travel fairs and exhibitions; organising Road Shows, “Know India” seminars & workshops.

What is the role of RA 9593 in the planning development and promotion of tourism?

Overall as the RA 9593 states, it is objective is to “develop responsible tourism as a strategy for environmentally sound and community participatory tourism programs, enlisting the participation of local communities, including indigenous peoples, in conserving bio- physical and cultural diversity, promoting …

What is RA 7611 all about?

Republic Act No. (RA) 7611 (June 19, 1992), the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act, provided for the adoption of a comprehensive framework for the sustainable development of Palawan, compatible with protecting and enhancing the natural resources and endangered environment of the province.

What are the vital roles of the government in the Philippine tourism industry?

It is the responsibility of both national local governments to prepare and implement tourism development plans, enforcement of standards and collection of data for tourism purposes. It is imperative to national governments to assist the LGUs in planning and law enforcement.