Quick Answer: How do you give a campus tour?

How do you organize a campus tour?

Here are 11 suggestions for increasing the effectiveness of a campus tour.

  1. Sweep them off their feet. …
  2. Set up selfie opportunities. …
  3. Create unique events. …
  4. Offer customizable schedules—and language choices. …
  5. Go for intimacy. …
  6. Meet visitors’ basic needs. …
  7. Veer off the script. …
  8. Don’t avoid the safety discussion.

What is it called when you tour a campus?

A college tour, also called a campus tour, is a tour of a college or university’s campus. Prospective students, their family members and other visitors take campus tours to learn about the college or university’s facilities, as well as student life, culture on campus, academics, and programs offered by the institution.

Do campus tour guides get paid?

Campus Tour Guides in America make an average salary of $27,800 per year or $13 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $42,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $18,000 per year.

What do you do at a college campus visit?

10 Things You Should Do on Every College Visit

  • Talk to students. …
  • Browse the bookstore. …
  • Visit the office of your academic department chair. …
  • Size up the gym and on-campus athletic facilities. …
  • Locate the health center. …
  • Stop by the admission office. …
  • Survey the classrooms. …
  • Eat at the dining hall.
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How do you give a good school tour?

School Tour Tip #2: Make a Welcoming First Impression

If it’s a private tour, put a sign out front that welcomes the Smith family by name to your school. When these families check-in, the administrative / reception staff should greet them by name and let them know that the school tour guide is expecting them.

Are college tours free?

Who Is Eligible For Free College Visits? Typically, free college visits are available to high school seniors who would otherwise find the cost of a campus visit prohibitive, or to those students who are underrepresented on campus, such as first-generation, minority, or low-income students.

What is the difference between campus tour and open house?

Open house is different from a campus tour because it gives you access to faculty, staff, students and alumni who are available to answer questions during breakout information sessions (and you’ll still get to tour campus).

Can you walk around USC?

USC offers a variety of tours to acquaint you with diverse aspects of the campus and the university. Our Admission Center Tours introduce you to campus via a guided walk, or you are welcome to explore on your own with the help of our self-guided tours.

Should you tip a college tour guide?

No, you do not tip the tour guides. This is not like a guided tour of Europe. Many times college employees in Admissions give these tours.

What is a certified tour guide?

Tourist guides are professionals who are certified and licensed to lead others on tours or trips. Tourist guides, also referred to as local guides, tour leaders or cultural interpreters, act as ambassadors of their countries because they are often the first to welcome tourists and the last to bid them farewell.

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Do Clemson tour guides get paid?

Average Clemson University Tour Guide hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.37, which is 26% below the national average.

Do parents go on college tours?

If you are visiting a campus far from home, it’s ideal to go with a parent. Your parent can go on the the tour and info session with you and then disappear for the rest of your visit. Parents are great at arranging tours and coordinating how many schools you can see during a trip.

How long do campus tours last?

On a first visit, you should spend about two to three hours on campus. That allows for about an hour for the campus tour and another 45 minutes or so for an information session. Usually the info session is conducted by an admission officer, and the tour given by a student.

What do you see on a college tour?

21 Places Worth Seeing on College Tours

  • Facilities associated with your desired major.
  • Places where students pursue hobbies.
  • A student union or student center.
  • A college dining hall.
  • Religious and cultural institutions.
  • The career center.
  • Fraternity and sorority houses.
  • The neighborhood, town or city surrounding the campus.