Quick Answer: What is BCom foreign trade?

Bachelor of Commerce or BCom Foreign Trade Management is a 3-year undergraduate course. The course is provided by the top commerce colleges with an aim to inculcate the skills and knowledge in the aspirants in the field of international business and market place.

What can I do after BCom foreign trade?

Master’s Courses:

  1. Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade.
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Foreign Trade.
  3. Master of Commerce (M.Com) in Trades and Services.
  4. MCom/Master of Arts in Foreign Trade Management.
  5. Master of Business Administration in International Business.

Which BCom stream is best?

Top 5 B.Com Specializations for a Successful Career

  • B. Com in Economics. …
  • B.Com in Law. B. …
  • B.Com in Accounts and Finance. As the name suggests, this course is related to the sectors of accountancy and finance. …
  • B.Com in Marketing. …
  • B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management.

What is BBA in foreign trade?

BBA Foreign Trade is a 3-year undergraduate degree that focuses on teaching the students about the fundamentals of foreign trade and its importance in the Indian Economy. Foreign Trade mainly deals with the exchange of capital, goods and services across the various international borders.

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What is BA economics foreign trade?

B.A. Foreign Trade Management or Bachelor of Arts Foreign Trade Management is an undergraduate Foreign Trade Management course. … The duration of B.A. in Foreign Trade Management is generally three academic years and may be provided on a part-time basis by certain institutes. The syllabus is divided into six semesters.

What is scope of foreign trade?

In the recent years, there is unlimited growth has been seen in this field with offering lots of career scope. … Foreign Trade can be defined as: Foreign Trade also termed as International Trade is the exchange of goods, capital and services across international borders and territories.

What are the advantages of foreign trade?

It enables a country to obtain goods by importing which it cannot produce due to higher costs at home. Foreign trade leads to specialize in the production of goods. Specialization leads to lowering of costs and improving the quality of goods. The countries, therefore, benefit from international trade.

What is BCom international business?

BCom International Business is a specialization course in international financial accounting and trade that trains the students for the global market and opportunities. The course focuses on foreign business and its work.

Which BCom course has highest salary?

Top 15 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Human Resource Manager.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Actuary.
  • Cost Accountant.

Which is better for MBA BBA or BCom?

The specializations offered in BBA are more in tune with the specializations that are offered in MBA. So, the BBA students are more probable to have an advantage while studying the MBA course. The BCom syllabus allows the candidates to form a more in-depth knowledge about different subjects.

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What are the subjects in Foreign Trade?

Below is the list of some of the subjects taught in the courses of foreign trade:

  • India’s Foreign Trade.
  • Basics of International Trade.
  • Elements of Export Marketing.
  • Exports Finance, Documentation, and Procedure.
  • Export Logistics.
  • Global Business Environment.
  • Accounting for Managers.
  • Managerial Economics.

Which course is best for foreign job?

Best Subjects to Study for Indian Students to Get Jobs Overseas :

  • Healthcare & Pharmacy.
  • Engineering & Technology.
  • Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology.
  • Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure.
  • Agricultural Science and Food Technology (Agribusiness)
  • Financial Services, Risk Management & Insurance.
  • Hospitality & Tourism.

Is BBA in Foreign Trade good?

BBA in Foreign Trade is an excellent choice of course for any candidate who has an interest in the functioning of international businesses and trading policies of a country. The course is suited for students who have good numerical and mathematical skills.

What is MBA in Foreign Trade?

MBA in Foreign Trade is a programme that helps students in understanding the basic concepts of management and foreign trade combined. … The course of MBA in Foreign Trade is an amalgamation of trade, management, marketing, sales, and aspects related to economics and law.

Can a commerce student get a job in abroad?

Job opportunities

As you study abroad after 12th commerce or B.Com., you will find yourself learning more and more towards one particular field. It can be Finance, Business Analytics, or Marketing, or even Management! Each will have its own perks and you will need to decide what works best for you.

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What is master of Foreign Trade?

MFT or Master of foreign trade is a 2-year post-graduation course in foreign trade management or international trade. The course deals with the trade of goods and services between countries. Students will learn about the exchange of goods, capital and services across the world.