Quick Answer: Which document is required to be filed by a foreign company with the registrar?

Every foreign company shall file with the Registrar, along with the financial statement, in Form FC. 3 with such fee as provided under Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 a list of all the places of business established by the foreign company in India as on the date of balance sheet.

What are the documents to be filed with Registrar?

The documents to be submitted to the ROC include Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), the pre-incorporation agreement for appointing directors/ managing directors and the declaration by an authorized person confirming that requirements relating to registration have been adhered to.

What are the documents to be delivered to the registrar of companies by foreign companies for registration?

—(1) Every foreign company shall, within thirty days of establishment of its place of business in India, in addition to the particulars specified in sub- section (1) of section 380 of the Act, also deliver to the Registrar for registration, a list of directors and Secretary of such company. (n) e-mail ID.

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Which documents are compulsory to be filed with the registrar for registration of a company?

Following are the mandatory documents to be submitted by the company’s Directors and shareholders (NRIs)

  • PAN.
  • ID proofs like Voter ID/passport or driver’s license.
  • Latest bank statement.
  • Latest utility bills like telephone, mobile or electricity.
  • Passport size photograph.

Are foreign companies required to file annual return with the Registrar within?

Foreign company must prepare and file the annual return of the company in Form FC-4 within a period of sixty days from the final day of its financial year. Any document which should be delivered from a foreign company can be delivered to the Registrar of Companies with jurisdiction over New Delhi.

Which documents required to register a company?

List of documents required before submission of a company:

  1. Original copy of formal letter issued by ROC regarding availability of Company name.
  2. Director Identity Number (DIN) of all those directors of a proposed company.
  3. DSC – Digital Signature Certificate.
  4. Form-1 for incorporation of a company.

What are the main documents required to form a company class 11?

Key Terms

  • Promotion.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Prospectus.
  • Incorporation.
  • Capital subscription.
  • Memorandum of Association Preliminary contracts.
  • Statutory declaration.
  • Certificate of Commencement.

Can foreign companies be registered in India?

Any foreign company can establish its place of business in India by filing eForm FC-1 (Information to be filed by foreign company). Note: The eForm needs to be digitally signed by authorized representative of the foreign company. There is no need to apply and obtain DIN for Directors of a foreign company.

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What is foreign company in company law?

“foreign company” means any company or body corporate incorporated outside India which,— (a) has a place of business in India whether by itself or through an agent, physically or through electronic mode; and. (b) conducts any business activity in India in any other manner.

What is foreign company India?

“Foreign Company is defined under Section 2 (42) of the Companies Act, 2013 (the Act) as any company or body corporate incorporated outside India which (a) has a place of business in India by itself or through an agent, physically or thorough electronic mode and (b) conducts any business activity in India in any other …

Which of the following document is not required for registration?

Development agreement and Agreement to sell between land owner and developer: A development agreement is not required to be registered. This includes all construction contracts given to a developer. However it attracts a stamp duty of 4% of the market value of the property, subject to a maximum of Rs. 4 lakhs.

Is registration of company compulsory in India?

Mandatory Company Registration

There is no restriction requiring mandatory company based on sales turnover or capital contribution. Hence, a business with any amount of turnover or capital can be operated as a Proprietorship or Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company.

Is Companies Act applicable to foreign companies?

As per the definitions of specified terms, a ‘foreign company’ under the Companies Act, 2013 would include not just those companies incorporated outside India which subsequently established an office or a branch in the territory of India for carrying on business activity, but would extend to any foreign company which …

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Which section define foreign company?

As per Section 591 of Companies Act 1956 foreign company means companies incorporated outside India which have established place of business within India where not less than fifty per cent , of the paid –up share capital (whether equity or preference or partly equity and partly preference) of a company incorporated …

What is foreign company in income tax?

As per Section 2(23A) “foreign company” means a company which is not a domestic company.