What is a tourist voucher?

It is a document in Russian, issued by a hotel or a travel agency legally registered in Russia. This document therefore invites a foreign citizen to come to Russia. That is why a tourist voucher is also called a “letter of invitation“.

How do I get a Russian tourist voucher?

In order to get your Russian tourist visa you must provide to the Russian consulate an official visa support document, also known as “Tourist Voucher”, “Tourist Confirmation” or “Invitation Letter”. Without a tourist voucher (invitation) you will not be able to get a tourist visa to Russia.

What is a Russian tourist invitation?

The Russian Visa Invitation Letter (also referred to as the Russian Tourist Invitation Letter) is a document which indicates that you are invited to Russia by a Russian travel company or a hotel that is accredited by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

What is an invitation letter for Russian visa?

An invitation letter to Russia, also known as a visa support letter or a tourist voucher, is a document that a Russian resident can use to invite you to visit him/her, whether on a touristic, business or academic visit. Russia requires it as part of the visa application process.

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Do you need a letter of invitation to visit Russia?

If you want to travel to Russia, you need a Russian visa. In order to get the visa, you must first get a visa invitation letter (also known as visa support). After you obtain the invitation, you can submit your Russian visa application to one of the processing centers authorized by your nearest Russian consulate.

How can I get Ukraine tourist voucher?

In order to get a tourist voucher from our company you need to provide us with the following information:

  1. Intended dated of the trip;
  2. Scan copy of your passport;
  3. Tour itinerary, cities of entering and leaving Ukraine.
  4. Hotel reservation (you may book the hotel by yourself or we can book a hotel in Ukraine for you);

How do I get a private invitation to Russia?

An Invitation for Private visa is issued (on a stamped form) by the local department of the Migration police upon the request of an individual (Russian citizen or a foreigner-holder of a Russian permanent residence permit). The Private Visa Invitation processing time can take up to 3 months.

How long is a tourist visa in Russia?

Tourist visas are valid for up to one month and allow either a single or double entry and exit, while business visas are valid from between 1 to 12 months and may allow multiple entries and exits.

Can I convert tourist visa to work visa in Russia?

To work in Russia, a foreign citizen must apply for a work visa. This rule applies to citizens of any country, except citizens of CIS countries, who have the right to work in the Russian Federation on a patent. Travelmart helps foreigners in getting a work visa. …

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Can a friend invite me to Russia?

Citizens of most countries will need an entry visa to travel to Russia. The first thing you need to get to apply for a visa is an official invitation. It is the inviting party’s duty to have a properly issued invite for their foreign friend.

How long does it take to get a letter of invitation from Russia?

Standard processing – your application is processed within 24 hours and you are charged USD 30.00. Rush processing – your invitation letter is ready within 6 hours, and you must pay USD 55.00. Super Rush processing – you receive your Russian invitation letter in just 6 hours, but you need to pay USD 80.00.

Do US citizens need a visa for Russia?

To enter Russia for any purpose, a U.S. citizen must possess a valid U.S. passport and a bona fide visa issued by a Russian Embassy or Consulate. It is impossible to obtain an entry visa upon arrival, so travelers must apply for their visas well in advance.

How can my Russian girlfriend stay in the UK?

After you are married, your Russian wife can stay in the UK. Whilst the fiancé/ fiancée visa can only be applied from abroad, the marital relationship/ spouse visa that you will apply for after you are married can be applied for in-country (in the UK).

Which countries do not need visa for Russia?

Who does not need a visa to Russia?

  • Andorra (for visits of up to 90 days in any 360-day period). …
  • Antigua and Barbuda (for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period).
  • Argentina (for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period (starting from the day of first entry)). …
  • Armenia.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Belarus.
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