What is foreign influence in research?

What are the foreign influence?

Foreign Influence encompasses Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Programs (FGTRP) i.e., China’s Thousand Talents Program; grants and gifts from foreign entities, undisclosed Financial Conflicts of Interest/Conflict of Commitments; and peer review breaches.

What is undue foreign influence?

Undue foreign influence generally occurs within the following categories: Peer review violations. Failure to disclose substantial foreign resources or relationships: Foreign employment arrangements.

What are some characteristics of foreign talent recruitment programs?

Distinguishing features of FGTRPs include: Compensation provided by the foreign state entity to the recruited individual in exchange for the individual sharing knowledge, research, and/or expertise.

Why does foreign influence mean?

“Foreign influence” is often used to illegally obtain U.S. intellectual property and technology, compromise U.S. computer systems, and/or affect the course of U.S. research to benefit the foreign instigator(s).

What were the foreign influences in Philippine culture?

The modern Filipino culture developed through influence from Chinease traders, Spanish conquistadors, and American rulers. Filipino people tend to be very hospitable, especially to Western visitors (1).

What is a foreign talent recruitment program?

Recruitment in this context refers to the foreign-state-sponsor’s active engagement in attracting the targeted individual to join the foreign-sponsored program and transfer their knowledge and expertise to the foreign state. The targeted individual may be employed and located in the U.S., or in the foreign state.

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What is a foreign sponsored talent recruitment program?

An effort directly or indirectly organized, managed, or funded by a foreign government to recruit science and technology professionals or students (regardless of citizenship or national origin, and whether having a full-time or part-time position).

What is a foreign government talent recruitment program?

Based on the National Science Foundations (NSF) definition , a foreign/international talent recruitment (or similar) program is a foreign entity that compensates an individual affiliated with U-M in exchange for the agreement to transfer knowledge, expertise, or other intellectual assets to the foreign entity.

What is foreign influence operations?

Foreign influence operations—which include covert actions by foreign governments to influence U.S. political sentiment or public discourse—are not a new problem. … Targeting U.S. officials and other U.S. persons through traditional intelligence tradecraft.

What are some foreign influences on American culture?

Nearly every region of the world has influenced American culture, most notably the English who colonized the country beginning in the early 1600s, according to the Library of Congress. U.S. culture has also been shaped by the cultures of Indigenous Americans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.

What is foreign influence security clearance?

The overarching concern that agencies have with respect to National Security Adjudicative Guideline B – “Foreign Influence” – is whether or not your contact with a foreign national and/or your financial interest in a foreign country could lead you to compromise classified or sensitive information.