What is the most visited wildlife attraction in the UK?

1. Chester Zoo. Not only the most visited zoo in England, and in fact the UK, with over 1.5 million annual visitors, but one of the Top 15 Zoo Most Visited Zoos in Europe too.

What is the most visited place in UK?

London is the most visited city in the UK. In 2019, over 21.7 million visits were made to the city by international tourists. Edinburgh and Manchester ranked second, accounting for around 2.2 million and 1.7 million inbound visits respectively. In terms of inbound visitor spending, the three cities also ranked highest.

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the UK 2020?

Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions: Latest results

RANK Most visited PAID attractions
Name of attraction Number of Visitors in 2020
1 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens 1,212,855
2 Chester Zoo 1,182,652
3 RHS Wisley 993,516

What is the number one tourist attraction in England?

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Kew Gardens were the most visited paid tourist attractions in England in 2020, welcoming around 1.2 million visitors. Overall, the number of visitors to these renowned gardens decreased by roughly 48 percent over the previous year due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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What was the most visited UK attraction in 2019?

The British Museum, the UK’s most visited attraction in 2019, experienced a similar plunge, going from 6.24 million in 2019 to 1.27 million in 2020.

Where do Brits go on holiday the most?

Spain has become a firm favorite among holiday travelers from Britain, as it continually lists as the most visited holiday destination abroad. Beach holidays are popular among Brits in search of warmer climates, and the relative ease and cheapness of package holidays to the Mediterranean make it possible.

What is the most modern city in UK?

Manchester. Manchester is often called the first modern city. In the 18th century this Northwestern city, 30 miles from Liverpool, was the cotton making capital of the world and one of the breeding grounds of the industrial revolution.

Who visits the UK the most?

Travellers from the US contribute most to the travel industry in the United Kingdom. 3.9 million American tourists visited in 2018 and spent a collective £3.4 billion. The USA, France, and Germany were the top markets in terms of the number of visits to the UK, accounting for 29% of visits in 2018.

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The most visited tourist attraction in the world is the Colosseum in Rome. The ancient amphitheater, which was built in 80AD, had over seven million visitors through its doors last year.

Which five are popular tourist attractions in the UK?


  • 1 Natural History Museum78%
  • 2 Tower Bridge75%
  • 3 Niagara Falls75%
  • 4 Big Ben75%
  • 5 Edinburgh Castle74%
  • 6 National Museum of Natural History74%
  • 7 British Museum74%
  • 8 Tower of London73%
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Which five are popular travel destinations in the UK?

Top 10 English tourist destinations

  • Tower of London. …
  • Westminster Abbey. …
  • Kew Gardens. …
  • St Paul’s Cathedral. …
  • Chester Zoo. …
  • Windermere Boat Cruises, Bowness. …
  • Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, Yorkshire. …
  • Stonehenge.

How many tourists visited the UK in 2020?

Current estimates suggest that the number of overseas tourist visits to the UK dropped by 73 percent, going from nearly 40.9 million in 2019 to 11.1 million in 2020.