You asked: Do I need visa to travel to Eritrea?

A visa is required to travel to Eritrea, and you need to have this document in place before arriving in the country. … In addition to a visa, travelers to Eritrea also need to have a valid passport, and it is advisable to have at least six months of validity left on the passport following the departure date from Eritrea.

Can foreigners visit Eritrea?

Eritrea – Level 4: Do Not Travel

Do not travel to Eritrea due to COVID-19, travel restrictions, limited consular assistance, and landmines. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. … Eritrean law enforcement officials routinely block access to foreign nationals in detention.

How much does a visa cost for Eritrea?

Eritrea Tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Embassy fee Service fee
Single entry (30 days stay) $50.00 $99.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $50.00 $99.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $0.00 $209.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $70.00 $209.00

What do you need to travel to Eritrea?

Requirements for Entry:

  1. Passport: valid for 6 months, 2 blank pages.
  2. Visa: Obtain your visa before traveling. …
  3. Vaccination certificate: For travelers 9 months and older coming from countries with risk of Yellow Fever.
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How can I go to Eritrea from Nigeria?

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Eritrea

  1. A passport valid for at least 6 months after return date.
  2. A duly completed visa application form.
  3. One recent passport photograph taken in a white background.
  4. Hotel reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay.

How strong is Eritrean passport?

As of 1 January 2017, Eritrean citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 35 countries and territories, ranking the Eritrean passport 98th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Yemeni passport) according to the Henley visa restrictions index.

Is Eritrea expensive?

Overall, Eritrea is cheap but, in a country in which most people earn less than 50USD, this is a very expensive country, much more than traveling in Ethiopia.

Is Eritrea safe?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Overall, Eritrea is safe to visit if you avoid some parts of the country. Still exercise caution as petty and violent crimes do exist although they aren’t too common.

Can I get visa on arrival in Eritrea?

Holders of a confirmation of a pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival, provided the sponsor in Eritrea submits a request to the Eritrean Immigration Authority 48 hours prior to arrival.

How can I get Eritrean visa?


  1. Visa application form B62.3 fully completed and signed.
  2. Passport-size photograph.
  3. Proof of local residency (G4 Visa) for non-US Citizens.
  4. Passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.
  5. Diplomatic note or note verbale stating purpose and duration of your stay.
  6. Gratis (no fee)

Are flights open to Eritrea?

Eritrea’s international airport are open for some commercial flights and land borders are closed. Strict domestic restrictions are still in place.

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How can I get Eritrean ID?

According to a European Asylum Support Office (EASO) report on Eritrea, in order to obtain a national identity card, “[a]pplicants must submit a supporting letter from their kebabi [municipality] administration, a birth certificate and proof of Eritrean citizenship (the identity cards of their parents or three …

What race is Eritrea?


State of Eritrea
Ethnic groups (2010 est.) 55% Tigrinya 30% Tigre 4% Saho 2% Kunama 2% Rashaida 2% Bilen 5% Others Afar, Beni-Amer, Nara
Religion Christianity (63%), Islam (36%), Other (<1%)
Demonym(s) Eritrean
Government Unitary one-party presidential republic

Is Nigeria visa free to Eritrea?

Eritrean Transit Visa for Nigerian nationals and permanent residents in Nigeria is issued is generally valid for 3 days or less, for transferring through a port in Eritrea to a third destination.

How do I get an Eritrean passport?

A complete application form Passport Application Form (Original form can be obtained by contacting the Consulate Office) Two passport– size photographs Accepted photos. Clear copy of Eritrean ID (Both sides) Evidence of up-to-date recovery tax payment clearance.

Where can I go with Eritrean passport?

Eritrean citizens can travel to 14 visa free countries

  • Uganda. Visa Free. Kampala • Eastern Africa • Africa. …
  • Palestine. Visa Free. Ramallah • Middle East • In contention. …
  • Benin. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Svalbard. Visa Free. …
  • Singapore. Visa Free. …
  • Philippines. Visa Free. …
  • Antarctica. Visa Free. …
  • Dominica. Visa Free.