Your question: What is homestay offer to tourist?

Homestays typically provide a middle-ground for tourists- they are more intimate than a hotel, but offer more of a formal setting than staying with friends and relatives. A homestay can offer the tourist with facilities that traditional types of accommodation may not be able to provide.

What is homestay tourism?


The term ‘homestay’ defines as “a period during which a visitor lives with a local family”. The idea of the homestay program is to accommodate tourists with a local family, thus enabling the tourist to learn about local lifestyle, culture, nature etc.

What is the purpose of homestay?

A homestay provides an opportunity to stay with a local family for a fee. It’s an affordable accommodation alternative, ideal for independent leisure travellers of all ages, interns, gap year students, students living abroad and anyone seeking a real and genuine travel experience.

What are the advantages of homestay?

With homestay, you can experience another culture without leaving home. Sharing your traditions, trying different foods and learning each other’s language are just some of the enriching ways you can connect with your guests. Many families also develop life-long friendships with the international students they host.

How would you describe a homestay?

Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors share a residence with a local of the city to which they are traveling. … A family that hosts a non-family member is a host family.

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What is homestay program?

What exactly is a Homestay? Homestay programs arrange for international students to live with local hosts/ families during their studies. … In a homestay program, you will typically have your own room, but join the family for meals and take part in their normal daily routine.

Is homestay a commercial activity?

So, we have incentivised the sector,” tourism secretary I M Vittala Murthy said. The homestay as a concept has been in vogue for five years, but now Karnataka has more than 800 such houses. … Homestays are considered non-commercial activity.

What is homestay in accommodation?

Homestay An alternative tourism where tourists will stay with the host’s family in the same house and will experience the everyday way of life of the family and the local community. 4.19. Homestay Provider Local family that offer their house as a homestay.

Is food included in homestay?

Hosts generally provide meals, and each of our hosts will offer different plans. The most common plan is a home-cooked dinner and self-serve breakfast (such as cereal or toast).

How is homestay different from hotel?

The biggest differences between hotel and homestay are that you are catered to in hotels. You have more services. … In a homestay, you’ll have a clean space/apartment, clean sheets, towels, soap, and usually coffee and tea making facilities.

How do I choose a homestay?

10 tips to choose the right Homestay

  1. Tip # 1. Ask yourself what you want from your vacation.
  2. Tip # 2. Look for hosts who match your interests.
  3. Tip # 3. Who are you travelling with?
  4. Tip # 4. Make note of the amenities that your preferred homestay provides.
  5. Tip # 5. …
  6. Tip # 6. …
  7. Tip # 7. …
  8. Tip # 8.
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