Question: Is Puerto Vallarta dangerous for tourists?

Puerto Vallarta is a very safe destination for international travelers, although tourists should obviously exercise caution, just as they would in their own countries. … Visitors who use common sense and travel in areas frequented by other tourists are safe and have enjoyable visits.

Is Puerto Vallarta safe for tourists?

At the moment, Puerto Vallarta has low crime rates – lower even than Miami and Las Vegas. Violent crime isn’t so much of an issue, but there are some other things to watch out for. The Pacific Coast can become pretty volatile in hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Is Puerto Vallarta safe to visit 2021?

If you want a short answer to that question: relatively safe. If you compare crime statistics, Puerto Vallarta is safer than most US cities, including Miami and Las Vegas. Due to its fun atmosphere, the city is visited by millions of tourists every year. Almost all of them face no issues with crime in this city.

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Are there drug cartels in Puerto Vallarta?

Cartels operate everywhere in Mexico, including in Puerto Vallarta. Just last year they chased down the ex-Governor of Jalisco in a Puerto Vallarta restaurant and murdered him. … Shortly before that, they executed the Chief of Police in Puerto Vallarta on the sidewalk of Old Town, a major tourist area of the city.

Why is Puerto Vallarta so safe?

Puerto Vallarta is said to be a very safe area with an unusually low crime rate. The area makes most of its living through tourism, so there is a definite interest in keeping tourists (and residents) safe and secure.

Is it safe to leave resort in Puerto Vallarta?

The reality is that the city of Puerto Vallarta is actually one of the safest destinations in all of Mexico, and thousands of travelers from around the world safely enjoy everything from family vacations to romantic getaways on the shores of Banderas Bay.

Is Puerto Vallarta or Cancun better?

Overall, Cancun has a far greater selection of hotels. Cancun takes the edge over most places when it comes to hotels. But Puerto Vallarta has a more authentic Mexican feel – Cancun is very Americanised. So, go for Cancun if you favour big resorts and Puerto Vallarta if you favour boutique hotels.

How safe is it to live in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Crime in Puerto Vallarta

With any city of this size there is crime. But thankfully, Puerto Vallarta continues to be one of the safest and friendliest cities in Mexico for international visitors, national tourists, and expats alike.

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Can you drink the water in Puerto Vallarta?

Not only has Puerto Vallarta’s water been rated as perfectly safe for human consumption with a certificate of purity for 17 consecutive years, it is one of only two vacation destinations in the country to achieve this important distinction.

Is there a lot of crime in Puerto Vallarta?

The crime rates in Puerto Vallarta are very low, significantly lower than the crime rates of major cities in the United States like Miami, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. Violent crime is something that any visitor using common sense shouldn’t encounter.

Is Puerto Vallarta safe at night?

Placess to Avoid in Puerto Vallarta

While the city is safe throughout the day and mostly at night, there are a few places to void. Don’t walk the Colonias East of the Libramento at night alone. Luckily, there really is no reason to be there as a tourist.

What is the best beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Blog

  • Las Caletas by Vallarta Adventures, Puerto Vallarta. …
  • Los Muertos Beach, Puerto Vallarta. …
  • El Caballo Beach (Horse Beach), Puerto Vallarta. …
  • Los Arcos National Marine Park, Puerto Vallarta. …
  • Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta. …
  • Sayulita Beach near Puerto Vallarta.

Is Puerto Vallarta 2020 Safe?

According to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, a travel insurance provider, Puerto Vallarta is a safe destination, and the issues travelers might encounter there are more likely to be minor frustrations and petty crimes, like bag snatching or pickpocketing, rather than a serious danger.

Are there sharks in Puerto Vallarta?

The straightforward answer is yes, there actually are sharks in Puerto Vallarta, but there is no real reason to worry while you’re in Banderas Bay! … The sharks in Puerto Vallarta that actually do still exist are either very small and harmless to humans or are plankton-eating.

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Is Mexico a bad place to visit?

Is Mexico too dangerous to visit? No, Mexico is not too dangerous to visit if you use your common travel sense. There are plenty of regions and cities that are more than safe to visit. Stay away from the areas that are known for trouble and you’ll have a great trip.